Music : Tudor Beach Studio

Are all these your guitars?

Yes, but this is my favorite one. It rocked the 80's.

The Console and MIDI Instruments.

There are 3 mixers in this console. An early 80's Yamaha 4 track cassette, Tascam 788, and a Tascam 2488. I use the Yamaha and 788 as sketchpads and the 2488 is for full arrangements.

The MIDI band includes a keyboard/synth, drum machine and sampler.

Preamps and Signal Processing

Box 1: Tube Preamp, Compression with sidechain, EQ and The AVP-1 (Auto-Tune).
Box 2: 3 Effects processors, Sonic Maximizer and Aural Exciter.
Box 3: Guitar Preamps and supplies.

Acoustic Guitar Recording

I use up to 3 microphones to record. I choose microphones and arrange their placements to best capture the desired frequencies of acoustic instruments and vocals.